Stop Acid Reflux with Diet Change

Cooking low fat, low acid meals could help keep you from having to deal with drugs to combat Acid Reflux. This video talks about a cookbook that can help you reduce Acid wtihout medication. With esophageal cancer being the fastest growing cancer in the US, this just might save your life.

Five Bicycle Safety Tips

It’s spring and time to dust off the old bicycle and ride safely. According to data released from NTSA National Highway Safety Administration 630  bicyclists were killed in the US in 2009. Seventy four of these were younger than 14 and over 51,000 people were injured.  What simple precautions can you take to be a […]

Zeo All Natural Sleep Aid

Not being able to sleep is a terrible thing that can affect your entire day and life. There are many factors that affect our ability to sleep and many require medical attention. (big disclaimer: If you’re concerned about lack of sleep see your doctor) A companyy called Zeo has developed a relatively inexpensive sleep monitor […]