Five Bicycle Safety Tips

Product Details It’s spring and time to dust off the old bicycle and ride safely. According to data released from NTSA National Highway Safety Administration 630  bicyclists were killed in the US in 2009. Seventy four of these were younger than 14 and over 51,000 people were injured.  What simple precautions can you take to be a smarter bike rider?

Here are 5 simple tips on bicycle safely

  1. Wear a Bicycle Helmet. It’s the law in most states that children where helmets or the parents can be fined.
  2. Use a Bicycle Safety Flag to insure motorists can see small children on shorter bikes
  3. Wear a bicycle safety jacket or bright clothing to be more easily seen.
  4. Put flashing lights on your bike to help it stand out from the background
  5. Follow all traffic laws. Stop at crosswalks, stop signs & traffic signals. Some states give out moving violations that count against your drivers lisence
  6. Be Smart! – Be sure to check your and your child’s bike out before riding.

Have any other tips for safe riding? Put them here.

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