Zeo All Natural Sleep Aid

Not being able to sleep is a terrible thing that can affect your entire day and life. There are many factors that affect our ability to sleep and many require medical attention. (big disclaimer: If you’re concerned about lack of sleep see your doctor)

A companyy called Zeo has developed a relatively inexpensive sleep monitor that might help you get a better nights rest. It consists of a headband that measures your brain waves and a night stand monitor/alarm that captures your brainwave data. It can store the data in the device and transfer it via an SD card to your PC for online analysis. The best simple feature of this sleep aid is that it can sense when your in a light sleep and wake you within 30 minutes of your morning alarm time. This might keep you from having to get up from a deep sleep and avoid grogginess.

Zeo also offer one on one council for your sleep patterns and advice on getting a better nights sleep.

Does it work? Honestly I don’t know but it has gotten some favorable reviews. You can check it out here.

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