The best price on LED Lights in New Jersey

Lots of stores have good prices these days on LED lights and there are lots of reasons to use them. But still a lot of you will hesitate to put out $12-20 on a R30 65 Watt light for your living room recessed lighting. Hey, I get it, that’s a lot of money. There is a way to get cheaper LED lights without even leaving your home.  Head on over to NJ Clean Energy Program and you can pick up R30 65 watt, Cree 60 & 40 watt and a host of other lights REALLY cheap. How cheap? How about a R30 recessed light from Phillips for $5. No gimmick, not rebate forms to fill out, just a staggeringly good deal. This is not much more than a incandescent bulb would cost you. Since the average 65 watt LED uses only 10 watts, you’ll recoup the cost of the bulb quickly. Here is a sample of the bulb types available.

Philips AirFlux 10.5 BR30

Phillips R30 bulb, 64 watt for $5


Cree 9.5w LED A Lamp

Cree 60 watt bulb for only $4.97 each.


Stack lighting just started taking orders for the Alba lighting systems. Very nice highly functional lighting system that I’d love to have but not at this price, $150. That said it is $50 less expensive than the Phillips Hue lights which have almost half the functionality.

Protect your home from water damage the easy way

You come home from the movies, kick off your shoes, walk into the kitchen and “squish”, wet socks. I hate wet socks but I hate wet kitchen subfloors even more. According to Travelers insurance , water is 10 times more likely to damage our home than fire. Ten times! We all have smoke alarms but how many of us have Water alarms?

What is a water alarm?

A water alarm works in a similar fashion to a smoke alarm. When a water alarm senses water it screeches, usually in a very high pitch which can be heard throughout the house. Small rectangular boxes, twice the thickness of a deck of cards sit on the floor or under your sinks. They are equipped with two metal sensors on the bottom which close an electrical circuit when they come in contact with water. Last year ours alerted us to water in our basement before it became a major issue. We heard it two floors away, in the dead of night.

At a relatively nominal cost of $10-$15 each, putting one under each sink and a few in your basement is a small cost to be alerted before you have thousands of dollars in damage. Amazon and other online retailers have a few styles to choose from. We choose the First Alert WA100-3 Water Alarm, 3-Pack for a couple of reasons.

  1. We needed several and this saved some money.
  2. The sensors are detachable from the bottom of the unit so it offered more flexible placement.
  3. First Alert is a brand name I’m familiar with.

Here is what they look like.

To see other choices for water alarms, click here.

Using Household Items to save Money and avoid Toxic stuff

It is much easier to buy a bottle of Windex at the local store than to look for alternatives. Easier to pop a few Tums into your mouth when you get indigestion. Here are some tips from Mind Body Green.

There is something to be said for being able to identify what it is you’re using, consuming or putting on your body.

72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins.

Super cheap 60 Watt LED light at Walmart

20131123_114017_resizedWalmart starting selling it’s own brand of LED light bulbs just about a month ago. At that time they were $8.48 a bulb for 60 watt equivalent. So imagine my surprise, and delight when shopping for  LED Christmas lights today I stumble upon the same light for $3.44!

Yes, a 60 watt LED light blub for only $3.44. This is a groundbreaking price if it’s not just a regional test price. I purchased 5 on the spot for my kitchen fixture which is currently using fluorescent bulbs.

How do they look? Fantastic! These lights have a nice white look which is not at all harsh, but not yellow like an incandescent, which I personally hate, especially in the winter. They are certainly not a yellowish 2800 kelvin as the box suggests but they are not a bright white either. More importantly there is NO hint of blue which often mares many LED lights.

How do they function? These bulbs come on instantly and dim well. They are standard Edison base bulbs that fit in regular light sockets.

All in all an incredible buy and well worth popping over to your local Walmart to see if they have them.

Let me know if you found them in your store.

Easy to Use Power Strip

 The best power strip idea I’ve ever seen. It can be positioned in multiple shapes.  This not only can conform to the space it’s in but it will more easily accomadate differnt size wall warts. It also comes in black.  You can check this out here. Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet Flexible Surge Protector Power Strip (White)

Why the Google Nexus Q – Streaming Media Player

Audio receivers, even the simple stereo ones these days, can be difficult to use. So when Google came out with this little gem it seems like a true simple and smart idea. It is controled completely via your android device, althought it does have a very elegant volume control, and it is small and nice looking.

Who is this meant for? – This device is meant for people with Android devices (can Apple devices be far behind?) who want to stream audio and video to their main home entertainment systems and large screen TV. The real beauty is you can also run a pair of speakers off of it. With it’s elegant design, even those who hate technology might want it out in the open for guests to see.

The Design - Even Apple fanboys will be jelous of this beautiful orb. Simple clean design and love the LED center light. If it could be wireless it would be perfect but that would require powered speakers and those don’t sell well for many reasons.

Functionality - Stream two channel audio and video to your own speakers or hi-def video to your TV through HDMI. The simple function of the entire top of the sphere being the volume control is simply brilliant. Forceing users to get banana plugs to hook up speakers is also a step in the right direction. For a small extra cost you’ll get a better connection and less fustration in setup. By passing all controls to your Android deivce as well as source material you greatly simplify the setup and usability.

Power - 12.5 watts seems slim but this is not intended to power a home theater or a loud outdoor party. We’ll have to see how it sounds when it comes out.

Featrues – Just the right amount of connections though I’d lose the eithernet port.

Price – $299 (pre-order) A bit high but this is gen one. I’d bet it will be discounted by the holidays as they release newer versions.

What I want

Build this as a modest 75 watt per channel home theater setup for $399 and Google will sell a million of them in a month, maybe more. Don’t get me started on the insane complexity and uselessness of todays home theater receivers. That column is for next week.

pre-order at Google.

Animal Proof Your Trash Cans

Product Details Fall is almost here and that means that animals food sources start to get more scarce. It also means that your garbage can starts to look even more attractive to raccoons and the like. There are tons of articles on how to critter proof you garbage cans but there does not seem to be a really good solution. Really? We can land on the moon but can’t keep Rocky Raccoon out of our garbage can?

Here is a rundown of the suggestions we found online.

  1. Keep your garbage cans in the garage.. with the door closed. :)
  2. Put things like ammonia (careful with this one) or moth balls around or in the garbage
  3. Secure the lid with bungie cords, we don’t think this works too well
  4. Buy a super expensive critter proof garbage cans
  5. Double bag the garbage so it won’t send out an oder
  6. Build a garbage can shed, but make it almost air tight or they will get in

There is a trick we’ve used with some success.

If your garbage can lid overlaps the lip on your can and you can drill a hole that goes through BOTH. Then get a bunch of angled peg-board hangers and maneuver them through the holes on each side. They can only have ONE notch on them, not two. This seems to work but you need the patience to take them on and off as well as have them off before the garbage folks show up. 

Stop Acid Reflux with Diet Change

Cooking low fat, low acid meals could help keep you from having to deal with drugs to combat Acid Reflux. This video talks about a cookbook that can help you reduce Acid wtihout medication. With esophageal cancer being the fastest growing cancer in the US, this just might save your life.

Five Bicycle Safety Tips

Product Details It’s spring and time to dust off the old bicycle and ride safely. According to data released from NTSA National Highway Safety Administration 630  bicyclists were killed in the US in 2009. Seventy four of these were younger than 14 and over 51,000 people were injured.  What simple precautions can you take to be a smarter bike rider?

Here are 5 simple tips on bicycle safely

  1. Wear a Bicycle Helmet. It’s the law in most states that children where helmets or the parents can be fined.
  2. Use a Bicycle Safety Flag to insure motorists can see small children on shorter bikes
  3. Wear a bicycle safety jacket or bright clothing to be more easily seen.
  4. Put flashing lights on your bike to help it stand out from the background
  5. Follow all traffic laws. Stop at crosswalks, stop signs & traffic signals. Some states give out moving violations that count against your drivers lisence
  6. Be Smart! – Be sure to check your and your child’s bike out before riding.

Have any other tips for safe riding? Put them here.


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