Earhoox hack your iPhone headphones

Tired of badly designed headphones from Apple falling out of your ears? The folks at Earhoox apparently think you are. They have developed these nifty add-on’s for only $10 that help keep the earbuds firmly in your ear. You know, so you can actually hear the music.  


Stack lighting just started taking orders for the Alba lighting systems. Very nice highly functional lighting system that I’d love to have but not at this price, $150. That said it is $50 less expensive than the Phillips Hue lights which have almost half the functionality.

Easy to Use Power Strip

 The best power strip idea I’ve ever seen. It can be positioned in multiple shapes.  This not only can conform to the space it’s in but it will more easily accomadate differnt size wall warts. It also comes in black.  You can check this out here. Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet Flexible Surge Protector Power […]

Animal Proof Your Trash Cans

Fall is almost here and that means that animals food sources start to get more scarce. It also means that your garbage can starts to look even more attractive to raccoons and the like. There are tons of articles on how to critter proof you garbage cans but there does not seem to be a […]

Stop Acid Reflux with Diet Change

Cooking low fat, low acid meals could help keep you from having to deal with drugs to combat Acid Reflux. This video talks about a cookbook that can help you reduce Acid wtihout medication. With esophageal cancer being the fastest growing cancer in the US, this just might save your life.

Five Bicycle Safety Tips

It’s spring and time to dust off the old bicycle and ride safely. According to data released from NTSA National Highway Safety Administration 630  bicyclists were killed in the US in 2009. Seventy four of these were younger than 14 and over 51,000 people were injured.  What simple precautions can you take to be a […]