Is online backup worth it?

This question can be answered with two words; Online Photo Backup. Backing up your data in life is more and more important as valuable things collect on our electronic devices and computers. Think about it, files, address info, emails, music, and possibly the most important, photos. If your hard drive crashed how would you restore your computer? You’ve got a backup drive so your set. Or are you? Did the drive work? Did your backup software work? Here are some ways to back up your digital life

  1. Backup hard drive with one button backup – fast, easy to restore Cost: $125 – $150
  2. Second drive in your PC that backs up automatically Cost: $99 – $125
  3. External drive that backs up automatically (most come with software) Cost: $50 – $100
  4. Online backup service Cost: $60 – $90 a year

Which is better hard drive backup or online backup?

  • The first three options are great because you can see them, they’re in your home, relatively cheap, easy to use and are fairly reliable
  • The Online backup is also cheap, reliable and easy to use.

Online backup has two VERY big advantages; It’s NOT in your home add it’s managed by professionals.
If you’re going to plan for disaster you need to plan for any disaster. If you needed to restore your photos and your backup hard drive was also fried in the same lighting strike as your PC, your out of luck. If the worst happens and your PC is stolen or lost in a fire, your out of luck.

Is online backup secure?
Yes, most online backup services use a 256 bit encryption key, making them extremely secure

How often is my online back done?
Usually automatically in the background while your computer is running. Every day!

How much space do online backup services offer?
Most are unlimited. They can do this because they average out their population of users, some will use allot but most will not.

Is it hard to restore?
No, you simply download the control panel to your new PC, sign in to your account and restore your data.

Given that all of the above options cost about the same online backup looks like a winner. Read more about Is online backup worth it?