Animal Proof Your Trash Cans

Product Details Fall is almost here and that means that animals food sources start to get more scarce. It also means that your garbage can starts to look even more attractive to raccoons and the like. There are tons of articles on how to critter proof you garbage cans but there does not seem to be a really good solution. Really? We can land on the moon but can’t keep Rocky Raccoon out of our garbage can?

Here is a rundown of the suggestions we found online.

  1. Keep your garbage cans in the garage.. with the door closed. 🙂
  2. Put things like ammonia (careful with this one) or moth balls around or in the garbage
  3. Secure the lid with bungie cords, we don’t think this works too well
  4. Buy a super expensive critter proof garbage cans
  5. Double bag the garbage so it won’t send out an oder
  6. Build a garbage can shed, but make it almost air tight or they will get in

There is a trick we’ve used with some success.

If your garbage can lid overlaps the lip on your can and you can drill a hole that goes through BOTH. Then get a bunch of angled peg-board hangers and maneuver them through the holes on each side. They can only have ONE notch on them, not two. This seems to work but you need the patience to take them on and off as well as have them off before the garbage folks show up.

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