Online Fraud

Don’t get fooled by phisher’s. They send you an email hoping you’ll click and then download a virus or spyware to your PC. Just this morning I got an email from Cahoot asking me to complete this new form as is required by all Cahoot customers.

cohort Notice how it says dear customer. If you are their customer, they would know your name.

You can’t read it here but they have a very official looling footer and they are headquartered in London. Now I’d remember if I was signed up with a company in London.

Never click on emails like this uless you are ABSOLUTELY positive that they are from a company you deal with.

Things to look for in the email or URL.

Subdomains that don’t make sense like This tells you the the website is NOT eaby since ebay is being used as a subdomain.

The best thing to do is if you are in doubt, DON”T CLICK. You can always visit the official website or call your company. One click can ruin not only your PC but your life. Keep it Simple, play it Smart

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