Getting what you want, the Smart Way

Some people feel that they are owed by the world and no matter the consequences to someone else they should get what they feel they are owed. Nothing would would work for them but getting their deal their way. Now the saying goes the customer is always right. But there is a hard way to negotiate what you want and then there is the “smart way” to get what you want.

Say you saw a too good to be true deal on a web site but they would not honor the order because it was a typo.

Here is an example of the wrong way to handle this situation:

“Your store posted this price and I don’t care what your terms and conditions say that typo’s don’t count I want it at this price or I’ll call the BBB and post everywhere that you won’t honor your advertised prices”

First this is just plain rude. Second it immediately raises the stress level of you and the person you want something from. Remember the person you’re dealing with will likely respond better to a reasoned approach than a threatening one.

A better and smarter way to get what you want:

“I know this was a typo but I got so excited that I thought I found such a great deal and I really want your product but cannot afford it at the regular price. Is there something you can do to get the price closer to the deal you had posted? I’d really appreciate it”

You’ll usually be surprised at the results. They also say you get more flys with honey. I’ve found that the second method usually works MUCH better than the first. Looking for the win/win situation is the simple and smart path and creates better Karma!

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